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Viken filmsenter is the largest regional film centre in Norway and includes the counties Viken and Oslo in the South-Eastern part of the country.


We support development and production of short films, documentaries and games. Co-production between regional companies and international partners are eligible. We also offer development programs, workshops and seminars for the professional industry and young talent.

To apply for funds from Viken filmsenter the proposed project or the key persons involved must be associated with the region!

YEARLY BUDGET:?NOK 10 mill (ca. 9 mill. Euro) for short films, documentaries and games.




Nowhere to hide (2016)

Kayayo (2016)

Privacy of Wounds (2018)

The Future of Iraq (2018)

Radiograph of a Family (2020)

My Favorite War (2020)

Do Not Split (2020)

Seyran Ate?: Sex, Revolution and Islam (2021)


Short films:

Odd is an Egg (2016)

No man is an Island (2017)

Reven og Nissen (2019)



Trolls vs Vikings (2015)

The Frostrune (2017)

Draugen (2019)



There are no deadlines for applications, send us your application whenever you are ready.

Please contact us if you need more information in english!


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