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Programpostene i bolken “Markets and Marketing” vil foregå på engelsk.




The Pros & Cons > Established vs New IPs

Shelley Johnson, Executive producer at Funcom, takes us through the advantages, and challenges of working on established IPs vs kick-starting a new one.


Shelley Johnson is an Australian game developer listed as one of Singapore’s Top 100 Women in Tech in 2021. Shelley made the move to Norway in early 2022 after 14 years at Ubisoft. She has long had a passion for creative leadership, innovation, strong healthy teams, and making great games!


Analytics in video games: the sledgehammer, the wall, and the nut

In the past decade, analytics has become one of the trendiest business support function across most industries, making its way to the core of the strategic and decision-making processes of executive and direction teams. Through a transition towards an analytics-driven, or at least an analytics-informed culture, it has also shown the potential to impact every layer of business, non-management and management alike. In this presentation I will try to paint a picture of analytics beyond the glitz and glamour it is usually portrayed in, and provide experience-based pragmatic hints, tips and recommendations.


Mathieu Ruiz started as Lead Game Data Analyst at Funcom in 2022. He has a BS in biology, and an MS and PhD in cognitive sciences which he defended in 2014 on the topic of “Cortical coding of grapheme-color synesthesia”. After working a year in a serious games startup as scientific adviser, he joined Square Enix in London as a mid-level analyst where for 5 years he helped multiplying by 5 the size of the analytics team; defining and standardizing the team’s processes and data platform uses; and expanded the team’s support to Square Enix Japan titles, to eventually become senior manager. He is now bridging the gap between game publisher’s and game developer’s analytics at Funcom, where he has been working with Tencent to develop Funcom’s own analytics capabilities, with a growing team of 3 (recruiting 3 more), a cloud data platform, and an ever-growing culture of analytics.


Developing a game alongside your community

Learn how the team behind Astride worked in collaboration with their community and how they benefited from this. Get a peek at their early access release on Steam and how they tackled the release of an unfinished game.


Mathilde Kvernland is originally from Ålesund, but she moved to Hamar to study Animation and Digital Art at Høgskolen Innlandet. Additionally, she completed a one-year program in VR and AR development. Currently, she works as a community manager and 3D artist for Raidho Games AS, a company she co-founded, and is also responsible for marketing. As a community manager, Mathilde has the main responsibility for all content released by the company through social media and other platforms. As a 3D artist, she is primarily responsible for the horses and the genetics that will be implemented into the game. As expected, she has a strong interest in horses and owns one herself. Gaming has also been one of her major passions, and today she can combine these two interests and be part of something greater.


Oh Lord, my product sucks and we just went VIRAL – A story of turning unexpected success into an adventure…

Ezekiel tells the story of how they were caught off guard by the world’s tech and gaming media. His team achieved great success with a prototype that was not originally intended as a major project. One year later, they are collaborating with several heavyweights in the tech world and are in the process of commercializing their project.

The mini-talk focuses on how communication with customers was essential and how an email from one of the world’s largest tech companies changed everything.


Ezekiel Hauge is a Tech Evangelist, project manager for «Digital Custom Rehabilitation after Stroke» at Sunnaas Hospital/LHL Stroke & Eztheory AS, Speaker & GDC 2022 Speaker, Game Design & Unreal Engine consultant.

When he’s not spending time nerding out over coffee and pizza with his family, you’ll most likely find him playing Apex Legends after work. The Tech Evangelist from Notodden has a passion for technology and finding new applications to creatively solve problems. This interest, combined with a Game Jam in 2022, led to a project that has grown from 0 to over 75,000 users in 1 year. Today, Ezekiel is the owner of Ezbench Solutions AS, aiming to shock both the tech and e-sports worlds!»


Kaja Hench Dyrlie, seksjonsleder for spill ved NFI, holder årets åpningstale.


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