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Your father is missing, and the only trace left behind is a mysterious watch seemingly randomly placed in your home. Follow the lead, and discover the ancient curse bound to your family by blood.

Ungeon is a randomly generated dungeon crawler with rogue-lite and Hack&Slash elements.
Fight your way through the dungeon in search of the exit.
Running out of time or getting killed has dire consequences.
Use items, weapons and armor found in the dungeon to elevate your chances, or bring them back to the temple to build an arsenal for your final run.

The game is estimated to last between an hour or two, with a quick introduction to the main gameplay, and an ending if the exit is found



Jonas Kittilsen Dall: 3D artist, utvikler, lyddesigner, markedsfører

Om prosjektet
Tildelingstidspunkt:23. april 2020

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